Little things are not little

There are days when have not done something productive. days when you did only the little things like watching your favorite show with your cat, cooked a meal, read a good book, tried different hairstyles or just thought about life while sipping tea ( you can also have coffee if you want, no rules).

I have had a very stressful day yesterday. So much to do. i have my finals in a week i cant study because I am unable to concentrate. I have so many thoughts running around in my mind that it almost feels like a stormy night in my head.

In days like these, when cannot so anything productive, comes a perfect and serene moment. Moment of little things. Moment of utter happiness.

My moment of little things was when sun was setting and i had my notes in front of me, while i was searching for some thing to read on Wattpad. Out nowhere I felt this was my perfect moment of the day. I had everything I loved here, right in front of me. Sunset was so gorgeous. Books are my eternal love (e-books in this case). Coffee. And my notes which I love to study but not like all the time.


That was the moment of bliss and perfection. The tiny little things I love made that moment so cherish-able and perfect.

This is the beauty of little things. They make you who you are. You favorite book, you favorite song, your favorite dress even you favorite mug to have your tea. we are the little things. And the little things are us.

Its not necessary to do great and productive things everyday. its okay sometimes to enjoy the tiny moments. This refuels us to accomplish our goals. Stay in touch with yourself. It helps, trust me.