Top 5 confessions of a bibliophile.

I ,being a bibliophile,have a lot of confession to make. life of b book lover is not easy. it has its own difficulties and problems. Here in this post I am enlisting the top 5. only.

1: Abibliophobia. 

Yea book nerds are always, or you can say almost always, are scared of running out of books to read. Same as season-buffs when they finish watching a season they well a little dead and worried about what to do next, we bookworms feel when we finish reading a book series. (Don’t ask my feeling when i finished reading twilight, i was drowning in my own tears)12644676_546596962175973_3537121044670929803_n

2: So many books, so little time

Please don’t see my TBR list. we bookworms have so many books to read. its a never ending journey, we love. So many books releasing everyday, so many books published before we were even born. we have to read them all. but you know there are some other important things to do, like food and poop.


The never ending to be read list of a book lover is no secret, but let me tell you this thing, they never tell you the really number of books that are on their list. because they are countless.

3: The companionship of tea and book.

Tea/coffee is a must when you have a good book in your hand. The most relaxing thing for a book worm is to hold big cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other hand. is would be even better if you have a cat on your lap.

Taking a huge gulp of tea when things are getting intense in the book, taking small sips of coffee when they both are kissing, forgetting that you have a cup of tea to finish when one of them is crying when thee mom dies.


Tea is to book, what bra is not girls, the supporting companion to make things better. 🙂

4: Romancing the books.

We love out books. it doesn’t matter if they are old or new, e-books or paperbacks, contemporary or classics, fiction or non fiction, they are all important, we love them all.


There are moments when we smell our, hold out books and just look at them for a long time, we caress them and finally we kiss them. Yep, book lovers smell , cress and kiss there books.

books have been there for us always, when we had a fight with our BFF, when we broke up with our sweetheart, when we were happy and had nothing to celebrate we pick up out book and read it. Booksa re always there. Always. They never abandon you. 🙂

5: All the possibilities

Looking at the book and imagining the possibilities it holds. the amount of tears or the number of smilies it will give you. What all the 564 pages hold for you? how will it change your thoughts, your feelings, and your book shelf.


It is not necessary to read the books, but you can never get rid of the possibility to read them all. feel them all. And to fall in love with them, all at once. 🙂