A Cup of Coffee and A Yellow dress




It was Tuesday, 7 in the morning. Her alarm clock started ringing as per routine for the last 3 years 3 months and 23 days, excluding weekends. She left her bed and dragged herself to brush her teeth. After that she cooked herself some breakfast consisting of fried eggs, white bread slices, butter or strawberry jam. After eating her breakfast she filled herself a mug of coconut milk as always.

“I love coffee” She heard her voice while she took a sip of milk.

Went to her room and opened her wardrobe and all she saw was gray, black, beige and white dresses hanging on the hangers. Perfectly ironed. in the lower shelf similar shoes were arranged. Clean and shining.

“I love bright colors” She could hear her voice echoing in her ears.

She the voices pushing her to do things differently. She got dressed in a black plain dress. tied her hair in a bun, wore black peep toes. She thought she successfully avoided the horrible, dangerous voices pushing her to start it over differently. But she was wrong.





Its Monday, 9 am. She woke up to the purring of her cat she bought 3 days earlier. She always post-ponded to have a cat because who would take care of her when she was in her office, which was 5 days a week, 10 hours a day. But it paid well. Really well.

She ate eggs, bread and butter for her breakfast. Later She brewed herself a mug of coffee. Drank it sip by sip, while reading  Book 3 of Harry Potter. She already finished the first two books in just 3 days.

“I really want to read Harry Potter series. I want to see why are people see crazy about it.”   She had always thought about it. But 3 days earlier when she was taking a walk and saw a tiny bookstore across the street she went in there and bought the whole series with a huge smile on her face and a happy heart. “Finally” She thought out loud.

Later she checked her 1 day old blog which she started to write book reviews, traveling experiences and anything she wanted to. It was new with no followers yet and only 1 post. But she was hopeful about it.

She wore a Yellow floral dress and wore red high heels to compliment the red flowers in her dress. She styled her hair with gorgeous pins with roses glued on them. She looked perfect for a summer day. A refreshing smile on her lips made her even pretty. She was all set for lunch with her girls. A lunch which they had been planning form last summers.

6 days earlier she decided to save herself. Save herself from the routine which was killing her. A job which paid well but didn’t make her happy. A lifestyle which was good, secure and clean but not something she loved. She decided to take a break. She decided to discover herself and the world around her. It took her 3 years 3 months and 23 days. But she did it.

Superheroes not always save the world, sometimes they have to themselves. 





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