Superhero of a Superstore

I am not inventing a superhero or writing about a fictional superhero. I am telling you about an ORDINARY SUPERHERO.


She wears the store uniform. She works 9 hours daily without the luxury of weekend. She is a naive looking skinny girl working as a cashier in a superstore in the city of Rawalpindi.

She has to face rude comments, harassing gazes and what not. But nothing can tear her apart. Not in front of the bullies at least. Some days  she cries her self to sleep. But the next day her smiling lips tell a totally different story to her little family.

Her courage is her superpower. To step out of your poor but protected house to earn her living was a tough decision which she had to make. Because if she didn’t who would?

She is supporting her 2 younger sisters  and a mentally challenged mother. If she is not a super hero who is?

Superheroes are not always the winners. Sometimes they are the fighters.   via Discover Challenge: Superhero