A Familiar Voice


On a lazy summer afternoon, while you are browsing through all the irrelevant stuff, and suddenly the telephone ring *tring*. Half heartedly you leave your comfy couch and pick up the phone.

“Hello” You say with a lazy tone.

“Hello” A happy, excited voice hums in your ear. It takes few seconds for your brain to match a face with that familiar voice from the lane of so many happy and sad memories.

After some seconds, finally your brain gives you the vivid picture of the person to whom that excited, happy voice belongs and Together a beautiful and cherish-able film of memories starts to run in front of your eyes.

All the moments you laughed together over a silly joke, cried together because one of you could not figure our how to deal with the pressure of new job, ate pakoras and drank coca-cola together, watched the stars and chatted about the philosophy of life with each other.

If your phone rings now, while reading this blog, who’s voice do you want to hear?


2 thoughts on “A Familiar Voice

  1. This warmed my heart! I so wish my dear late friend could call me again and we would fall asleep hearing each others’ breathing…I still sometimes pick up the phone hoping to hear his voice but so far I can only hear him in my dreams, and through other people and music that he sends me from the other side…


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