Diet Rant

I have been an overweight girls for all my life. The fat kid of the family (not the evil fat kid, instead I was the intelligent fat kid and I still am, fat and intelligent). For a long period of time I was not very bothered with how I look, the only thing that mattered was how i feel (Maybe because I was very young and could not calculate the negative marks I got from people around me because I was FAT, those were good days)


I have always wanted to be a skinny girl who is popular among boys and hated by all the other girls ( Thanks to the Hollywood movies, being hated is a quality for teenagers now).I mean really which teenage girl doesn’t want a hot body and a super hot BF (At least I wanted that).


My teenage dream ( who am i kidding? its my all time dream)

I have tried some diets ( not for a long period of time), some of them worked, some did not. So now again (AGAIN) I am going to start a 30 Days diet plan (Going to follow it strictly). The fun part for me is I will be posting my Diet Routine here everyday (at least I will try).


You can see my diet regime under the category of Diet and all ( I hope you check that out and motivate me, please please) .Feel free to share your recipes, experience and anything related to diet.

*Will start diet posting from Monday. 

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