A Bag of Milk

Just watched a video of how Canada uses milk bags unlike USA, where they use milk cartons or glass bottles.

Apparently it was quite a little thing, for a person like me who is living in an other part of the world and we have our own problems which certainly does not include worrying about the containers of milk ( I wish).


After watching a home video of a lady telling about the bags, the material with which they are made, how to open the bag and pour milk out of it, I could not find any thing I didn’t already know ( specially about how to pour milk in a glass).

So I commented ” I don’t know why am I watching this video? Is there something I am missing here” (Let me know If you know)

But a little confession here: After watching the most irrelevant and totally non informative video, I felt a sudden brightness in my mood. A sudden calmness. Why? IDK. 

Let me also enlighten you with this fact: In Pakistan, milk comes in bags too. Not all over the country, but there are places where you get milk in plastic bags (like my home). HehE

Other than some places in Pakistan where milk is delivered in bags, there is another process. We have a better method which contains no bags, glass bottles or carton. A milkman rings the bell, you run towards kitchen, grab a daigchi (a utensil specifically for milk, and is specifies by your mom not anyone else, so mine can be different than yours because my mom is different than yours, unless you are my sister and reading this blog , which is embarrassing). Okay so you grab a daigchi and run as fast as you can towards the door, get your utensil filled with milk and you simply out it over the stove to boil it (you have to light the stove, thats important)

Now you know how milk comes in Pakistan. Makes you feel happy like me? I still feel happy, in fact more happy after writing a 339 word rant and a meme about milk and its containers.


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