Our trips to the hidden eden

A fine cool noon of approaching autumn meant long drives and search for small road side hotels. My adventurous parents were addicted to this autumn routine. On every Saturday and Sunday all our family would wear stylish sweaters, not to keep us warm only to look trendy, and would sit in our silver shiny Toyota and would leave for an unknown destination.

There was a little restaurant on the back side of the most popular university of our city, we usually didn’t take that route, instead we took the other way which passed through a gorgeous town  of bani gala.


Bani Gala

The hotel had 4 tables and all tables had 4 chairs, red pretty chairs and wooden tables looked refreshing with the background of green Tree and far sighted mountains. The waiter of the hotel was also the owner of it. He was always smiling and chatting with his friends sitting with him. The tape recorder in the background was always playing, sometimes bollywood songs and on the other days you could enjoy the folk music, usually saraiki songs of Atta Ullah Essa Khelvi (the most praised and loved folk singer of Pakistan) .

Our regular order was Aloo k parathay, hari chuntney and doodh patti. We would laugh and chatt about all the things around the world from politics of states to the politics of the families. Some days we would sit quite and enjoy the music being played in the background and enjoy the view.

Those brunches make me nostalgic all the time, every time, whenever I think about the most magical things I have experienced.

Family is more precious than silver, gold and all the diamonds.


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