Comfort of comfort food

The last 2 weeks were very tiring and stressful mentally, so much was going on with me I could not manage to wash my hair for like 5 days. (That’s a big deal for me).

And another highlight was I had this strange and extreme craving for macaroni and I could not get time for that either (That’s a gigantic deal for me).


So today I had peaceful day , mentally specially. My class was canceled , I was home along ( almost, dad was home with me, but that doesn’t count because he is my best friend and we do crazy things together) , and most importantly nothing was there to eat. Isn’t it God’s plan to give me the motivation to cook my dearest macaroni?

I followed God’s plan, and went towards the kitchen.


MACARONI: We usually have a lot macaroni in our kitchen cabinets, almost all shapes. But I only like our legendary Miss Elbow. It makes me feel comfortable and homely, unlike other  macaronis with fancy body type ( being politically correct).

So I found it, I unwrapped it and I boiled it (in Liam Neeson’s tone in Taken”).

POTATOES: Yes another darling. Who doesn’t love potatoes man? And when its calm chilly day of our beautiful October, how can you ignore potatoes? Can you?

The most difficult part was arguing with myself if I should cute potatoes in cube shape or fries shape? And I went ahead with FRIES SHAPE (Taaa Daaa). Peeled, and sliced.

SPICES: Now let me shed some soy sauce, oops, I mean light over the spices that I have used in my comfy-mac-pot (I named it). 

Okay other than the main ingredients, I used one onion and one tomato, sliced in the most delicate way possible while you are texting. Cooked them a bit and added my glorious fries shaped ( there must be a sophisticated name for that cut, which I don’t remember and i am too lazy to Google it) potatoes. Cooked it for 8-10 mins, added some chillies, ketchup, and balti gosht masala (for PAKISTANI TOUCH), and a spoon of cream cheese.


FINAL TOUCH: After making the gorgeous, most tasty masala ever, I added Miss elbow and mixed well.

And Comfy-Mac-Pot is ready. 🙂 ❤


This is the best thing about comfort food, there are no lines and Borders. You are free to add whatever you like, and eat it. Freedom the ultimate comfort of comfort food. 🙂

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