An open letter to the one who got away


Hello dear,

I hope you are doing great after you have got your dream job and your dream girl. Before you start reading this letter I want you to know that I don’t want you back, I don’t miss you anymore and I am happy. Really happy.

I am writing this open letter to remind of someone who loved you and you told her you loved her back.

I want to remind you that she loved you when she was not aware of the meaning and depth of the word love.

I want to remind you of a girl who was so naive that she considered your ignorance as your test to check her deep love. She always tried her best to pass those tests. 

I want to remind you of that voice which was always cheerful and happy, even after hours of crying she never sounded dull and irritated while talking to you.

I want you to think about her sparkling eyes, and joyful heart, which was so full of love for you.

I want you to remind you a night when she told you “Please be careful, you might destroy me.”

You destroyed her. You gave her heartache. You gave her anxiety.

But guess what she is happy again. More happy than before. Someone found her broken and took all her pieces and glued them together with his love, care and warmth.

Lastly, I can’t forgive you for all the things that you  destroyed inside me. But I am very much thankful to you for leaving me, and giving the universe a chance to let my shining star find me in my darkest hours.

I hope you stay happy.


A strong and happy girl. ❤


via Daily Prompt: Careful


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