Do 7 Things to be Yourself again

Hello Scribblers,

After a really depressing and sad weekend, I have finally found the silver lining, again.

I have decided to take control of my mind and to feel alive and worthy of everything damn thing on earth.

As I love to make lists, I am going to list thirteen things that I am going to try to reduce my mental stress and to enjoy this “doing nothing”phase.

1- Become a movie buff:  Yes it helps. Watch happy movies, sad movies, drama movies, musicals, anything and everything. I am doing Tom Hanks March and I already feel so much better.

2- Move and sweat: Hello from Queen Lazy. I love to sit on my couch and read or watch TV all day long these days. But I was making me feel I was wasting so much of my time and I had a lot of negative feelings Swarming in my mind. So I turned on the music and I moved and I felt better. A lot better.

3- Write: It is the most helpful thing for me to do when i feel lonely and depressed. Don’t wait for a great idea or some really great topic to write about. Just pick up the pen and a paper and write, write and write. Anything. It is going to make you feel relaxed, I Promise.

4-Spend time alone, but not all of it: Try to talk to your friends or family. If you think there is no one to listen , well that could be wrong. May be you have a friend or sibling waiting for you to gather some courage and talk to them about your feelings. Look around maybe you have a friends but the haze of loneliness is not allowing you to see them.

5: Become the next master chef:  Cook. Bake. Roast. BURN (I have done this more than 1,2, and 3). Make yourself some smoothies or salads. Try to keep your cooking clean and healthy. It will help you to stay active and indulge in a creative and fun activity. And plus, the aroma of food is very soothing for people like me.

6-Play with a child: The most beautiful creature on planet is a child. Playing and seeing the world with the eyes of a child will remind you about the beauty of the world and the goodness that every human being have in them. Its a really refreshing thing to do. Try it.

7: Early to bed and early to rise: I am not saying go to bed at 8 pm. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep. Get out of your bed before the sun rises. Yes you read it right. Its the best feeling in the world to get out of the bed and roam around the house, make your tea or coffee, open the windows ( If its really cold outside skip this part or else don’t blame me) , and feel the breeze touching your face softly. I guarantee you will love it. Other than the morning feelings, getting up early helps you to ponder upon the things you have not thought about or you can plan how you are going to spend you day. It is your me time. Enjoy it.

Okay so these were my tiny little steps to make myself feel better about myself. If you have some other things to share please comment below. ❤


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