100 Things Game

Hello Scribblers,

There are many people who want to know about others and a few who want to know about themselves.

Not knowing about your goals, your likes, dislikes, fears, strengths and goals will make you anxious and feel bad about yourself. It will play active role to destroy your mental health and self esteem.

So, here I am with a fun game. The game of 100 things (It is really fun, promise).

Weeks ago, I was having a very dull and kinda sad day. While I was exploring Pinterest I came across this image titled “100 things I love about you”. There are gazillion images with same titles on the Internet. There are many songs and movies about things I love about him, her or you.

My favorite one is “7 things I hate about you” by Miley Cyrus. Its really cute. (Enjoy 🙂 )

I decided to mold my 100 things list. I decided to make a list about 100 things I love. Those 100 things did not include my family, my pet, my friends or any person. It was strictly THINGS. Some tangible and some of them were intangible (or should I say most of them). Anything and Everything. Write the things which you don’t tell others, which can stir a Controversy or things which are not usually expected from you to love. Don’t hesitate. Don’t feel shy. Just jot it down.


Making the 100 things list made me feel a lot better and it actually cheered my mood. There was a point I ran out of things I love and I felt strange. I always thought myself as a person who enjoy little things, feeling and moments. I asked myself How can I run out of things I love? I thought about What I miss? What the worlds needs in huge quantity? And these stimulated my mind and I completed 100 things. By the end I wanted to write more but I decided to stop and enjoy the ones I have listed already and keep the next 100 things for another dull day.

Making lists certainly declutters your mind. When you make a list about things you love, you appreciate those things more than ever. Sometimes when we are making a list, that’s the first time we realize “hey these are the things I really love”. The 55th thing or the 73 thing on the list is a thing you love but you never realized it and after writing it in the list you appreciate it more than you did before.

This idea is not new or not talked about. But it certainly is new for me as I made changes to it according to my thoughts. You must do that too. Try this simple thing on a day when you don’t find anything around you that can inspire you or you can do this on a joyful day to appreciate the things you have that makes a day gay and joyful.

Let me know in the comments about the top 10 things you love you can think of instantly. 🙂

Have a good weekend. ❤


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