Doodles I loved this Week

I am starting a new series of posts about my favorite doodles I see in the week. The theme of the doodles will change every week. And photo credits will be given to the artist. Always. 🙂

Theme of the week is Happy Alone. 🙂

The doodles/comics I saw this week and loved them are here. TA-DA

5- The beautiful house and all the small details were enough to add this beauty in my tops 5. 

Enjoying the view, eh?

4- Looking out of the window and thinking about nothing is one my favorite things to do alone. 

Thinking nothing is good.

3- Home alone and napping. Can it get any better? 

Napping is never enough. Ever.

2- The best way to enjoy alone is with you favorite song. 

That smile. This song. Those memories.

1- Being alone always makes you appreciate the little things around you.

Little details bring the beauty. In art and in life.

So these were the top 5 for this week. The theme for next week will be Food. Let’s see what I fall in love with. 🙂 
And before I go let me tell you I accept submissions if you want your doodles to be featured here.:) 

Let me know in the comments which one was you favorite doodle. Have a good day. ❤